About Me

So… first blog post. I really don’t know where to start. I guess the only reason I’m awake at 1:25 A.M. starting a blog is because I was searching through Netflix and stumbled upon the movie Ask Me Anything. I guess you could say it hit me in the feels. So hear I am… I guess a 16 year old girl has nothing better to do on a Summer night. Well, I definitely don’t because my boyfriends at basic for the whole Summer. For those of you who don’t know what basic is, I’m talking about basic training since he joined the National Guard. The only way I get to talk to him is through writing letters… very old school I know, but also cute. Trying to tell myself I’ll be okay until the end of August without him as I lay in bed wearing the hoodie he gave me, listening to sad music, and starting a blog. I’m not sure how much you’ve really learned about me so far, but if you’re still reading I guess you want to learn more. I live in a small town on a dairy farm… I’m sure I just lost about half of you but that’s okay. I play high school varsity soccer and have lettered both years of my varsity career. I’ve been playing since I can remember and I’ve been told that I’m really good and that I have the skill to play in College. I also show at our local fair which starts in Julyyyyyy!!! Well now that it 2:18 I might as well try and sleep.

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