My Boyfriend Situation

Two guy based posts in a row… I promise I’m the farthest thing from boy crazy. Get ready for another really long read and I apologize in advance.

It’s currently summer vacation and our story starts at the beginning of the school year. My second period English class consisted of five people and I was the only girl. I shared the class with two guys from my grade and two guys that were in the grade above me. That’s where this whole mess of a story starts… that second period English class.

One of the upperclassman I guess we will call him Liam. I knew his first name at the beginning of the year and for over half the school year I said very little to him. My best friend, we will call her Mia, started to talk to Liam and not long after they started dating.

Liam and Mia’s relationship was way troubled… they both were guilty of cheating on each other, but Mia was more so guilty than Liam and after maybe only two weeks she broke up with him. She was already talking to at least two other guys the next day and when she told me they broke up she was laughing about it.

Now since Mia and I were Besties she wanted me to become friends with Liam and while the two dated we would talk more and more. When she broke up with him he was devastated and came to me for someone to talk to. I felt bad because I knew how she had treated him and lied to him and used him. During the next couple of weeks Liam and I had gotten close and he often hinted that he liked me.

First of all I knew that Liam was not someone that you could trust. He was a liar, a cheater, and just not a great guy all together. I often voiced my opinion about the number of hoes he had and he would often reassure me that he could be loyal. He was really sweet and was a really great friend and even though I was weary I decided to give it a try. I kept my guard up for a long time.

I expected the worst from him, but what I didn’t expect was Mia’s reaction when she found out that we liked each other. Mia and I were like sisters and I thought that nothing was going to change that but boy was I wrong… She was outraged and stopped talking to me, but not until after voicing to me that I wasn’t actually a friend and that I had purposefully tried to hurt her. The next day she left school crying over the whole situation. When I got home I tried texting her and asking if she was okay and that I honestly didn’t think that she would have cared considering how their relationship ended, but she had insisted that she had loved him. I had lost my best friend because of a guy… At this point I really had to make Liam and I work because I wasn’t going to lose her for no reason.

After a long weekend school started again and that first day back Mia saw how fine I was and that I wasn’t going to let her get to me. That night she texted me and apologized for overreacting. At this point I was over all of the drama and I just left her on read.

I know that what I did was wrong… The whole situation was a bad judgement call and it should’ve been handled differently. I’ll take the blame and now after months of rebuilding our friendship we are slowly but steadily fixing what we broke.

Less than a month into Liam and I dating I found out that he had cheated on me. I wasn’t hurt and I wasn’t surprised. He had been distant recently and I could tell what was coming. We broke up and I went on with my life.

A month later it had been less awkward around him at school and he was back to being flirty with me here and there. Fast forward to my birthday where he snap chatted me and told me how much of a crappy person I was, because he had found out that I was talking crap about him with Mia. Let’s just say he definitely ruined my day. A few weeks later he snapped me telling me that I had looked “really cute today”. I never let much bother me so I was already over him being a jerk and after a few conversations here and there we agreed to be friends.

One night he called me because he had just gotten off work and was bored, so I talked to him for sometime. After we hung up he text me, “I’m glad I can still make you laugh” and just like that we found ourselves talking again. He really was a sweet guy and I couldn’t help the fact that I still had feelings for him. We started dating again and this time there was no problems that raised from it.

He left for basic training at the beginning of June and I miss him like crazy. I still am scared to trust him 100% because of what happened, but I do love him. Honestly without him I am really lonely. Sadly, I’ve thought about replacing him while he is gone but I don’t think I could do it. I’m terrified of losing him and I can’t wait for him to come home.

Wow… if anyone made it through this post I applaud you and also appreciate it. I hope I didn’t confuse anyone. Feel free to comment if you have questions and I’ll try to clear things up.

– Yours Truly

2 thoughts on “My Boyfriend Situation

  1. I almost lost my best friend because of some stupid boy. I gave up on the guy even though I have had a crush on him for seven years my friendship was more important, but she didn’t see it that way she is definitely boy crazy and I understand that about her, but it hurts that she jumps around to guys and she could’ve picked any other guy to jump to and she jumped him. and she has forbade me to date him. We are all made up now and everything is fine.

    I love my best friend, but sometime she can drive me insane I’ll meet new guys hopefully, but I know for sure I’ll never meet someone like her again.

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    1. The way she freaked out after she knew that I liked him had made me realize that I was kind of over the drama that she brought into my life. She always is talking to more than one guy and it gets old hearing about it after a while. It seemed that even if I had stopped talking to him she still was going to “never forgive me”. She soon changed her mind about that though.

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