For me cheating is was the worst thing someone could do. I never understood what could possess someone to do such a thing. If you’ve read my previous blogs you know that I have a boyfriend who is away for basic training the whole summer. Before he left I always joked that I’d have to find a replacement for him over the summer. He told me that if I did he would never talk to me again.

I never actually thought I’d be in this type of situation. So, some random guy from a nearby town added me on Snapchat and asked me if I wanted to start a streak. I’ll do anything for my streaks so I said sure. The next morning I sent out a selfie as a streak photo and he asked how old I was and told me that I was cute. Just like that we started to talk and get to know each other.

I’ve had plenty of people try to talk to me, but they were either too old, lived in a different state, or were just not attractive. He’s my age, lives in a neighboring town, and isn’t hard on the eyes.

Last night I told him that I had a boyfriend and after talking to a friend I was pretty sure I was going to tell Liam that we should take a break. I love him and I don’t want to hurt him, but I’m afraid at this rate I’m going to cheat on him. Ugh, but I also don’t want to lose him. I know that if Liam was here I wouldn’t be in this situation.

I just wanted to be friends but now we’re hanging out on Sunday and he keeps telling me that he wants to ask me out, hold my hand, and kiss me.

I honestly don’t know what I want anymore. It’s all so confusing for me and I just don’t know. I feel like breaking down and crying even though this whole thing is my fault.

Why did I get myself into this???

– Yours Truly


One thought on “Cheating

  1. Don’t blame yourself for how the sc guy makes you feel!
    When you’re away from your boyfriend, its natural that you’re going to feel lonely and want attention, you just have to have boundaries and control when youre with him!
    all the best xo

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