I Thought This Only Happened In Movies

I thought someone was actually dying yesterday. Between my Mother acting stressed out and my Step Dad’s sudden show of affection, which never happens, I was truly concerned. I had asked what was going on, but things were being kept under wraps.

Late last night my parents called my brother and me downstairs to talk. My Mom told me that I might want to sit down and she started to explain the situation. One of my Step Father’s old exes had contacted him and informed him that he had a son…

My Step Dad, who had raised my brother and I like we were his own since I was two, had a biological son? I almost started laughing that’s how messed up everything seemed. I couldn’t wrap my head around it so I sat there listening.

He’s now 20 and he had lived in the same town as us and he went to the same school that we do…

At age 20 what could they possibly want or be looking for at this point? I don’t quite understand… why now?

He’s going to get bloodwork and tests done to make sure it’s all true, but it seems like a plot from a movie. The four of us are the only ones who know anything about it. What is this going to change if it’s true? Probably a lot…

-Yours Truly

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